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Baseball is probably the greatest game ever invented.

I love the sport, and if you're reading this, I assume you do as well. There's nothing quite like playing or viewing a game of baseball on a warm summer day. Watching in the stands as a pitcher, like a sniper, tries to nail a slight target with pinpoint accuracy. Looking on at the game of cat and mouse played between a hurler and a baserunner. Hearing just the right tone as the bat meets the ball - that special crack that let's you know when a hitter has gotten it all. There just isn't anything like it.

It was my pleasure to write about baseball for several years on a variety of levels. I started as a high school and American Legion correspondent for a local paper and wound up as a columnist for a nationally-known network of Web sites. A Baseball Memoir takes a look back at Major League Baseball during my last 21 months covering the sport (January 2000 to September 2001).

You'll find a little bit of everything in this book. Parts of it simply recap the major events that transpired, including the John Rocker scandal, the 2000 Subway Series, and Barry Bonds' chase for the home run record. Some parts offer statistical information while others offer analysis and still others provide out-and-out editorial opinion. There's even a little bit of nostalgia and a pinch of social commentary thrown in for good measure. More than anything else, though, this book is one fan's look back at the incomparable sport of baseball in all its glory.


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