Betty Jo Schuler

Betty Jo Schuler

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Love And Mistletoe

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Crystal loses her footing when she bumps into a handsome Christmas shopper. Can this same man sweep her off her feet and capture her heart when they meet again at a party? Paul has everything going for him, except he's younger. Does that matter? Should it? He doesn't think so, and neither does her nine-year-old daughter.

Secret Till We're Grown

Secret til We're Grown

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When the boys from the cul-de-sac convince their parents they're old enough for a camp-out all by themselves, none of them realize that they will take part in a wonderful adventure--the kind of adventure they won't be able to tell anyone...until they're grown.

Hearts That Are Real

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Who would dream a young mother would find magic at her son's school carnival? Certainly not Ellen, who's been lonely since five-year-old Jimmy's father died. All the men her friends fix her up with are duds, and she's swearing off blind dates. Then, a tattoo changes everything.

Baby for Sale--10 Cents

Baby For Sale

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Kids on Greenwillow 
Lane learn about trash, 
treasures, and trading, 
with Megan Whitney 
learning the most 
important lesson of 
all. A "block yard 
sale"is fun for kids, 
as well as a learning 
experience, and when 
a baby is for sale, 
it adds to the 

While the other children 
on this cul-de-sac 
discover one another's 
treasures, Megan tries 
to sell her little 
brother.  Max wants 
to buy him, but his 
brother Alex says their 
mom doesn't want any 
more kids.  Meanwhile, 
the baby disappears.
It seems Jon has been 
sold, or kidnapped. 
Will Megan try 
to get him back?

Loves Seafood & Sunsets

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When Audrey sees, a singles ad that says, "SWM, dark hair, dark eyes; loves seafood and sunsets, can't dance. Seeking red-haired beauty queen," she's sure it's the guy she dated years ago, looking for her. She wanted to hear those "three little words" but he never said them, so she found someone who did. Twelve years, as many pounds, and a failed marriage later, she's willing to take a chance.

About Betty Jo Schuler

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"The first year that I taught school, a little girl in my third grade class held a book under her desk and read whenever she had a free moment, and often, when she was supposed to be doing something else. I had a hard time reprimanding her because I was so delighted that Dawn was a real book lover."

Betty Jo Schuler wants children to open the doors to adventures of every kind. "I love reading and writing books, and I love kids. Combine the three into "writing books for kids to read," and I turn into one of those smiley faces on stickers, the kind teachers stick on children's papers."

This former teacher went to college for a year, then took time off to start a family. With four children in school, she went back to finish her degrees in elementary education. Schuler taught primary grades for twenty three-years, remedial reading classes twelve of those summers, and tutored several children privately. "School is so much easier, as is life afterward, if you master reading recognition and comprehension skills. And some of the most wonderful experiences in life come to us vicariously, through books."

Reading was my favorite thing-to-do as a child. Through books, you lead many lives, make friends from other times and nations, and plunge into activities you might not choose in real life. I wasn't an adventurous kid, but I loved exploring deserted houses, nursing wounded soldiers on a battlefield, and saving a town from destruction. I also loved reading movie stars' biographies, and of course, I adored horse and dog stories. I could read through all sorts of distractions, especially a call to help in the house."

Betty Jo's chapter book, ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST, about a town where everything is backward, was published by Willowisp Press. Her young adult novel, HEARTTHROB, was part of the Bantam Sweet Dreams line. Her first e-book, CAMP CHEER, an interactive mystery was published by Petals of Life. She's had stories and articles in U.S. Kids, Jack and Jill, 'Teen, and other magazines. She belongs to Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and Middle Grade Young Adult Network.

"Electronic books are a step into the future that children are eager to experience. Kids who groan when faced with a book are likely to give an e-book a smile, and a try. I'd like to see all kids as eager to read as that little girl in my first class."

Fifteen years ago, Betty Jo wrote a diet book that led to her writing nutrition and diet articles for magazines. Out of about 175 articles to date, her proudest achievement was writing an article published by Reader's Digest.

In addition to writing articles, she's currently writing a contemporary romance "spiked with humor." She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Indiana RWA. Betty Jo and her husband live in southeastern Indiana, in a suburb, on a cul-de-sac. Their four married children have given them eleven grandchildren and one great grandson. When their youngest son and his wife moved to a suburb of St. Louis with their two young boys, they lived on a cul-de-sac that actually had twenty-one kids. "I thought it would be a zoo, but the kids got along well, and the sights and sounds, inspired this book. A third grandchild, who actually lives in a suburb of Indianapolis, made her way into the story too.



Reviewed by Christine Spindler

Second Chance at Love
Betty Jo Schuler
DiskUs Publishing

Keely's first boyfriend Mark was a dare-devil and got himself killed drag racing. 
Months later, Keely is still unwilling to date other boys. Then a romantic, caring 
young man called Tripp moves in with Mark's mother for the summer. Keely can't help 
taking an instant liking to him, but doesn't want him to know that she was dating Mark. 
Tripp, on the other hand, promised Mark's mother not to tell anyone that Mark's heart 
is now beating in his chest - a transplant that saved his life. While exploring their 
new-found love, Keely and Tripp carefully avoid revealing their secrets until it's 
almost too late. My favorite character in the book is Rose, a young girl waiting for 
a heart transplant. Tripp takes Keely along to the hospital to cheer up Rose while he 
does his clown stunt to entertain the other kids in coronary care. I don't want to give 
away the surprise ending ... let me just say that Rose teaches Keely some basic truths 
about second chances. "Second Chance At Love" is a unique story. Tender, moving, funny, 
gripping and intelligent, a perfect mix, excellently written with a wonderful ear for 
modern teenager's dialogs. The serious issues - organ donation, recklessness, honesty - 
melt seamlessly with the smoothly flowing plot. Irresistible! 

"Second Chance At Love" by Betty Jo Schuler will capture your heart for eternity.
Is it ever okay to with hold the truth? Tripp finds it extremely difficult
to confide in Keely his secret. Should he take a chance and tell her the
heart transplant he received was donated by her recently deceased boyfriend?
How will Keely react when she discovers the truth? Will she believe Tripp
truly loves her, or will she think it's Mark's heart? This tale isn't for
only Young Adults, I recommend it for all those hopeless romantics. Kim's
Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona
What will Keely think when she learns that Tripp's new heart used to be Mark's?
How will Tripp feel when he finds out that Keely was Mark's girlfriend before
the accident? Once their secrets are exposed, can their blossoming relationship
survive? I should probably state first that, although I am not a young adult
anymore, I do still remember being sixteen. In my opinion, Betty Jo Schuler
has done an excellent job of capturing the angst of high school years. Keely
is dealing with her little brother, her schoolwork, and her unresolved feelings
over Mark's death. Is it any wonder she's afraid to care about another boy?
Luckily, Tripp is cute, and friendly, and caring (he volunteers at the children's
ward of the hospital), and so obviously interested in her . . . well, of
course she has to give in. Tripp is a young man who could win any girl over!
The dialogue is natural and smooth, and the story progressed faster than
I realized - I sat down and then became so involved that I read the book
in one sitting. Second Chance at Love is a wonderful example of young-adult
romance, exploring first love and new love from a point of view we all remember!-
Ivy Quill Reviews
In SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE, Ms. Schuler balances a sweet love story with serious
and timely issues, like the dangers of reckless driving and the importance
of organ donation. She explores the difference between infatuation and love,
and shows how vital trust and honesty are to any good relationship. Even
more important, she shows the courage it takes to embrace life in the face
of death. Though the themes in this story are serious, the book never drags.
SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE is a fast-paced, well-written novel that catches the
reader's interest on page one and keeps it until the story's sweet and satisfying
conclusion. For teens and adult readers alike, I give SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE
my highest recommendation. (Five stars) ~Carrie Masek, Scribes World Reviews



Reviewed by Christine Spindler

Baby For Sale
Betty Jo Schuler
DiskUs Publishing

During a sidewalk sale, six-year-old Megan wants to get rid of her baby brother Jon. 
She paints signs, offering him for sale for a whopping 10 cents. She's willing to 
negotiate or even trade Jon for a dog. When a lady comes along and offers $10 for Jon, 
Megan realizes she wants to keep him after all. But then Jon goes missing. Has he been 
kidnapped? This story is a gem. The plot has a couple of funny twists and surprises. 
A charming cast of quirky kids, who want to sell their old toys but end up trading 
each other's toys, make the story even more amusing. I laughed and chuckled all the 
time. Although there are no illustrations, the writing is so colorful that you won't 
miss them. Excellent. 
Baby For Sale is a light hearted story about Megan Whitney, a girl who is
a little jealous of her baby brother, Jon. She hangs signs up all over the
Cul de sac she lives on that says Baby For Sale--10¢. But during a sidewalk
sale when baby Jon comes up missing, Megan realizes that she really does
love her baby brother and she sets out to find him. I highly recommend this
book for young readers.—Reviews by Chris
Who would sell a baby for only ten cents? Megan Whitney would, especially
since that baby is her baby brother Jon who gets all the attention from the
grown ups. But as the kids on Greenwillow Lane learn all about having a sidewalk
sale and the fun of trading each other's toys instead of buying them, Megan
learns that she really does love her little brother when he come up missing.
Luckily it was all a mistake and Baby Jon turns up safe and sound, and Megan
tears down all the signs that said Baby For Sale10¢.—Fun Reviews
This story is a gem. The plot has a couple of funny twists and surprises.
A charming cast of quirky kids, who want to sell their old toys but end up
trading each other's toys, make the story even more amusing. I laughed and
chuckled all the time. Although there are no illustrations, the writing is
so colorful that you won't miss them. Excellent. --Christine Spindler, E-Books
for Kids,
This is a short story about a little girl named Megan who wants to sell her
baby brother, Jon, for ten cents. But Megan runs into a lot of trouble. One
of the kids, Max, was really funny. I thought this was a really good story.
I really had fun reading this book! Nathaniel age 9 All About Murder Reviews

Secret 'Til We're Grown

Reviewed by Christine Spindler

Secret 'Til We're Grown
Betty Jo Schuler
DiskUs Publishing

And here's another story about the irresistible gang of "cul-de-sac kids". Seven boys 
are camping out alone. At first, their fathers want to join them, but they manage to 
talk them out of it and send them home to watch their prized ball-game on TV. And the 
girls are jealous because they want to camp out, too. But you can't have a real adventure 
with girls around. After eating as much as they possibly can without getting sick, 
the boys wonder what to do next. After all: "It's only ten o'clock. It's Friday. We're 
alone and we've got the whole night to ourselves." And while they pretend to be brave, 
something really exciting happens. Better than anything they'd ever have imagined. 
This is a great story, the kind of story that leaves you with a big ear-to-ear smile, 
no matter how old you are or when you had your last real adventure. Betty Jo Schuler 
has a fine-tuned ear for kids' talk and a superb sense of humor. 

Secret Til We're Grown by Betty Jo Schuler is a sure winner for all boys,
young and old. Have you ever wondered what goes through young boys' heads
as they daydream and calculate their next moves? Well, this hilarious story
by Betty Jo Schuler unfolds many of those mysteries all young girls die to
know.  Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona


Seven boys go on a father/son camping trip, no girls allowed. But it turned out to be very different camping trip! You gotta read this story you won't believe what happens! This was a really fun book to read, I liked it very much. Ms. Betty Jo is a really good author. They are great adventures and I want to read all of her books!!!!! Nathaniel age 9, All About Murder Reviews

An exclusive interview with DiskUs author Betty Jo Schuler

Where do you live?

Southeastern Indiana

Where can fans write to you?

bschule1@  (take out spaces)

What's your writing inspiration?

My grandchildren who lived on a cul-de-sac in Missouri inspired Baby for Sale and Secret Till We're Grown. There was always a lot of action on that street! My YA book, Second Chance at Love, came out of curiosity about the effects of a heart transplant on the recipient's life, love, and personality.

What's your writer's day like?

I'm a morning person and like to write early in the day. My work area and computer are in the corner of our big recreation room. We live in a subdivision outside town and I can look out a window at the far end of the room and see cornfields across the road. I write write several hours a day.

Tell us about your family.

There's just my husband and I at home now. Our 3 sons and daughter are grown and have families of their own. We have 11 grandchildren and 1 little great grandson. Of course, everyone is wonderful! My mother and sister also live here in town. My father-in-law lives nearby.

What are your hobbies?

I collect Boyds Bears and decorative glass paperweights. My bears sit on my counter adjoining my computer. I should write a book about them someday. They're such a friendly bunch.

What do you like to do for leisure?

I like to read, do crossword puzzles, and spend time with family. I also enjoy e-mail!

What's your favorite place?

My favorite place, other than my home which I love, is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We spend a week there by the ocean in the fall and it's heavenly.

What place, that you haven't already visited, would you like to visit?

I'd like to go to Hawaii because I'm sure it's beautiful. I'd like to go to New York City because of my interest in the publishing world. Of course, I'd want to see plays and visit department stores and see the sights.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

Writing is my passion, and I hope my readers will enjoy the books I write and keep coming back for more.

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