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How did the loss of the beloved Browns impact the city of Cleveland? Who is Venuste Niyongabo, and what made was his seemingly insignificant 5000-meters victory in the 1996 Olympics special? Why was the age-discrimination trial of former Notre Dame assistant football coach Joe Moore being called the darkest incident in Fighting Irish history?

The answers to poignant questions such as these lie within the pages of BEYOND THE BOX SCORE, a collection of 50 essays investigating sports, their impact on society, and the key individuals who make athletic competition the social phenomenon it is today. BEYOND THE BOX SCORE offers insight, depth, and occasionally even humor while examining all types and levels of sporting competition -- from high school to professional and football to golf.

What the reviewers are saying...

BEYOND THE BOX SCORE is a must for every sports fan. If you like sports, you'll love this book.

--Joyce McLaughlin, Editor

Chuck Bednar's views on sports has made for an interesting and educational read. You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy this book.

~~~Marilyn Nesbitt, Editor, DiskUs Publishing

Chuck Bednar takes you beyond the hype and headlines and puts sports' golden (and tarnished) moments into perspective with clear insights. His love of athletics for its own sake is readily apparent. You'll see the action and feel the tension as he recreates exciting plays or describes the hard fight to win the game. Sports fans will recognize his anguish and frustration when Chuck rallies against those who have reduced athletic competition to a race for the almighty dollar. They'll celebrate as he finds the real sports heroes - athletes who play for the love of the game, not for themselves. Baseball, football, college sports and more…Chuck Bednar speaks as a true fan of sports. Jamie Engle for eBook Connections

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