Carol Iverson

Carol Iverson didn't start her writing career until she was in her 30s. Since then she has sold over two dozen articles and stories to publications such as Highlights for Children, U*S* Kids, Girl’s Life, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Bulletin, and the Writer magazine. She has five books of nonfiction for kids.

In writing The Mystery of the Doll in the Window Carol says, “I read an article about a man who kept a doll in the window of his house. He won’t tell anyone why it is there. The reason was written on a piece of paper and put in a time capsule that won’t be opened until long after I’m gone. I made up my own story about why someone would do this, changing a few facts and adding a lot of fiction.”

Carol and her husband live in Northfield, MN. They have three grown children and two teenage granddaughters.

Carol is co-authoring two different books with each of her daughters, one a children’s story and the other a modern-day romance.

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Chelsey and her friend James question why an old man would have a doll in the upstairs window of his house. Rumors have abounded over the years and everyone says that he is crazy. Why would he do something like that? Chelsey and James begin a quest to find out why. At a fast-food restaurant, they overhear some teenagers talk about the old man and the doll. “Know what I heard? This guy hates kids. The doll is a reminder for kids to keep away. If he ever catches them in his yard, he’ll put them up in the attic with the doll.” Chelsey and James’ main concern is that Halloween is just around the corner. They worry that some unsuspecting kid will go to his house trick or treating and something awful will happen. One day when Old Man Tollefson is away from his home, Chelsey and James investigate. They begin snooping around the outside of his house. One thing leads to another until they find themselves inside. They are still there when the old man returns and they are trapped! Have Chelsey and James gotten themselves into the very fix they feared for others?


Reviewed by Christine Spindler

The Mystery of the Doll in the Window

Carol Iverson

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Old Man Tollefson lives alone in his house. Nobody really knows him, nobody likes him. Children even think he’s creepy because there’s a doll in the attic window of the old man’s house. For years, the doll has been sitting there, staring out. Chelsey and her friend James know about all the rumors. The more they think about it, the more they come to the conclusion that Tollefson is dangerous. He certainly hates kids and wants them to stay away from his house. They overhear some teenagers who say that any kid that comes near the house will end up in the attic with the doll. Chelsey is determined to find out just how dangerous Tollefson is, so she can warn the other kids. James is not so keen to go right into the lion’s den, but when the opportunity arises, nothing can stop Chelsey, and so they end up right there in the attic with the mysterious doll, just as the old man returns ...Carol Iverson does a great job of building up tension. I felt like I was really there in the attic with the kids, just as curious to find out what the meaning of the doll was. Iverson shows how unstoppable children are when they want to solve a puzzle that grown-ups have simply accepted as an old man’s whim.


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