Terrific Holiday Traditions!

Labyrinth--courtesy of Patricia Crossley (Click here to visit Patricia's site)

At this season of thanksgiving and reflection, why not build a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a symbol found in many cultures from ancient to modern times

Metaphorically speaking, we are all spiritual seekers, on the path together, looking for meaning and purpose for our lives. The Labyrinth provides a symbol that is also quite literal as it presents us with a real path upon which to really walk together. The Labyrinth is a spiritual tool that is used as a centering activity. It is meant to be walked as a form of meditation, and in the walking the spirit finds healing and wholeness. The design can be found in fields and in churches all over Europe. People over the centuries have made labyrinths from stones, grass, wood, fishing line, on beaches and in snowy fields. Indoor labyrinths come in canvas and masking tape.

This is a joyous activity to involve friends and loved ones in a task that can offer you a deep spiritual experience. There has been a great revival of interest in this spiritual tool in recent years around the world and particularly in North America. Labyrinths can be found on church property, in city parks, in retreat centers, in hospitals and prisons and in private gardens. People are finding it a powerful tool for spiritual renewal. Anyone can lay out a simple labyrinth from materials to hand. If you would like to learn more about this ancient spiritual tool and make your own labyrinth at this season of thanksgiving and reflection go to www.patriciacrossley.com/labyrinfo.htm

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