Emma James

Emma James grew up in New England and then moved to Canada where she married. After traveling through Europe and Asia, she lived in England for a short time. Eventually, Emma returned to Canada and had a family. After her last daughter went off to university, she sold her house, moved to Southern California, and began to write.

Emma has published two books in electronic format and P.O.D. with Virtual Bookworm

She also has one that is due to be published in January 2005 with Awe Struck Ebooks.


Trail of Roses
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Who is stealing expensive figurines from the posh houses of Brighton? Why has a simple flower provider for the quality been implicated? Simon Fairbanks investigates and finds the thief, but loses his heart.

Suddenly In Bath

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A violent thunder storm

rages over modern-day

New York City. While

Sydney Kane watches the

storm, a flash of lightning

opens a time portal and

she suddenly finds herself

dropping out of thin air

into an assembly in early

nineteenth century Bath,

England. The man on

whom she falls, Seth Randolph,

befriends her and lends

her some clothes so that

she may dress as a man.

Dressing as a woman in

that time seems ludicrous.

Seth is her only friend in

this strange world.

When it becomes apparent

that his father is about to

force him into a loveless

marriage for money, she

conceives of a scheme

to try to get money from

her ancestors to help him out.

Will she succeed or will

she be forced to watch as

Seth marries without love?

Love Spells

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Her older brother is

bringing his friend

to visit, and Gillian

Galbraithis most anxious

to attract his notice.

A little intrigue and a

little magic get Grayson

Manderville’s attention.

Ghostly Advice

Emma James
$4.50 PDF
$4.50 HTML
Major Stephen Drake looses his life on the battlefield of Waterloo, but his spirit lives on to lead his trusted captain to the arms of his beloved.





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