Welcome to Futureland at the North Pole!!!

The thing about the future is that all too soon it's the past.

Why, I'll bet you didn't know that yesterday's tomorrow is today. Of course, Santa is constantly busy checking into the future...you know, especially in case he needs to call on Rudolph to lead his team of reindeers for his annual around-the-world trip.

And, Santa is also always checking on all the little girls and boys in the world just to see if they are being naughty or nice. You can never get too much of a head start when it comes to list making.

Which brings me to...Christmas. Did you know that the experts are predicting that Christmas shoppers are going to spend MILLION$ of dollars shopping over the Internet this year? That's bound to make Santa's job a lot easier.

We elves want to make your future easier (all the more time to watch Christmas movies with your family--more about that later--or sing Christmas carols--or just watch the snowflakes falling down--whether that's outside your window or in a little Christmas globe. So we offer the following...

The Elves Helpful Christmas list...click here for a handy suggestions and checklists so you don't forget a thing. Then, just print it out and commence shopping.

The Elves Helpful Wrapping Suggestions List...click here to view a page of hints when it comes to wrapping those packages in unique ways.

Now, with all that help...you'll have lots of time for singing Christmas Carols (click here for the carols page) and for watching terrific Christmas movies...and we've even included a list of some of the best--picked personally by Melvin the Magnificent (he named himself) Elf. Click here to see his page.

And remember...these pages open new browser screens so when you're done looking at them, just "x" out of them and you'll be right back here!

And while we're on the subject of the future...want to read a great science fiction/futuristic novel? Then check out A Change of Destiny...

If you'd like a good, Christmas book to read over the holidays, may we suggest a great Christmas Book from our Christmas Store.......

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