Heart's Desire

by Janean L 'Voe

The night was quiet, and I was alone. Wind whispered softly through the evergreen trees outside my window. Frost sparkled from the windowpane, gilded by the light of a full moon. Where was my love?

Two gifts sat forlornly under the Christmas tree, wrapped in brown paper, hand-painted designs sprinkling their surface like the snowflakes that now fell softly from the sky. The tree was sparsely, but festively, decorated with berries, popcorn and a handmade paper-chain. Where was my love?

The hour grew late. The fire in the hearth died down to ashes. An owl gave a mournful cry. The snow continued to fall. Where was my love?

Tears trickled softly from my eyes as I imagined an awful fate. As the morning hours crept near, I fell asleep waiting for him, bundled against the cold, mourning his lost company. Where was my love?

My love arrived with dawn. As the sun peeked over the horizon, gilding the new fallen snow with pink frosting, his horse appeared over a far hill, trudging stubbornly through the drifts, my love upon his back. Behind the horse, he pulled a sleigh, and on the sleigh rested my heart's desire…

What is your heart's desire for this Christmas? What is it that you want above all else? Is this something ephemeral, such as joy, peace and love, or is it a solid, material thing? Whatever your heart's desire may be, I hope you receive it this year.

May God bless you this holiday season.

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