Janeau L 'Voe

Janeau L'Voe lives in the Midwest where she juggles freelance writing with home, family and a full-time job. Visit her website, Author's Art http://www.authorsart.com, to find out more.

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This short story is a vivid account of a Texas Ranger's assignment to capture an accused murderess, who just happens to be his childhood sweetheart. All background details, from the Sholtz (Beer) Garden to Austin's Marshall Thompson, have been heavily researched to provide a rich backdrop for the characters and events.

Readers will be able to visit a world apart from themselves, a place where there is nothing to stand between justice and lawlessness except for personal courage and a few brave men with bright tin stars pinned to their chests. Imagine, vast open areas of untouched, virgin land, ripe with promise and rife with the struggle to simply survive. Welcome to the Old West, Texas style.


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