Jeanne Grieser

Jeanne Grieser started her writing career many years ago, but put it on hold when her job and young children took up too much of her time and energy. A few years ago she quit her job to focus on her writing. She has had over fifty magazine articles, stories and activities published, and has had nine books published. Everything that she has written is for children except one book.

Jeanne lives in Kansas with her husband and three teenage boys. The family enjoys animals and they have three dogs, several fish, one hamster, and a Mali Uromastyx lizard that loves peas. Jeanne likes to write more than anything, but always makes time to attend the ball games her sons participate in. In the spare time she has left, Jeanne likes to quilt. She is active in her church and enjoys teaching Sunday school.

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The Alley Kid

Jeanne K. Grieser

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      “Are ya criticizin’ me?”
      Lank rolled over on 
his bed and wrapped his 
pillow over his head. 
He stuffed the pillow 
tightly over his ears 
to shut out his father’s 
voice. His father’s shouts 
sounded like they came 
from the kitchen. 
Lank knew what would follow.
  Fifteen-year-old Julian 
“Lank” Burton longs for 
the school to start
      again. Summers are too tense, 
trying to be on his best 
behavior and waiting
      for his “obedience lesson” 
if he wasn’t. 
Lank lives with an
   abusive father and a 
submissive alcoholic mother. 
When Lank can take no more,
      he runs away. Lank finds 
himself in a secluded alley 
and meets General, an
      older gentleman who teaches 
him how to survive on the 
streets. But General teaches 
him a lot more. He helps 
Lank work through his feelings 
of unworthiness and becomes 
the good father figure that 
Lank never had. Lank realizes how
God put people in his 
ife to draw him closer 
to God. This is especially
 evident with the surprise ending.

      "Powerful, moving, and captivating. 
The Alley Kid is a tremendously 
well-written story aimed at young 
Christians which will fire their 
imaginations, and show
them the true power of 
God's Love. 
An incredible book." ~~ 
Jim Farris, Author
of "Pandora's Box."

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Barkley's Old Shack

Jeanne K Grieser

Peg and Korky plan to spend the summer helping their poor elderly friend, Mr. Barkley. Mr. Barkley lives in a dilapidated house without electricity. Peg and Korky help him by mowing his overgrown lawn and being his good friend. They plan on a quiet summer until businesses on Main Street get robbed - including Peg's father's business.

A transient named Abe is the police's prime suspect. The cousins search the town for Abe and when they find him, they have many questions to ask. Abe must be the thief - when he came to town, the robberies started; when he left, the robberies stopped.

Peg and Korky are close to identifying the thief when they receive a mysterious note from "A". The robberies begin again. But Abe left town . or had he?

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Amusement Park Sabotage

Jeanne K Grieser

Twelve-year-old cousins, Peg 
and Korky can't think of anything
      better than to spend their summer 
at the Wellborn Amusement Park
in their hometown of Redmond. 
Nearly every day they ride the 
rides and enjoy the company
      of their newfound friend, Mo 
who works at the ticket booth. 
Then unusual things begin to 
happen at the park. The
      twelve-year-old cousins notice 
Carl, the operator of the Spin 
Around. He always seems nervous 
and Peg is suspicious of him - 
even more so when the
      Spin Around is closed one day 
with no explanation. 
Then the gun at the Shoot
A Duck can't quit firing.
Problems continue to plague 
the amusement park. What is
      going on? Peg and Korky are 
determined to find out, 
and someone is trying
very hard to stop them.

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The Lollipop Tree

Jeanne K Grieser

Peg's love of candy makes working at the Lollipop Tree - a factory that makes lollipops - the perfect place to work. Even Darcy, the stern receptionist can't dampen Peg's spirits. And Hiram - called Hi - keeps Peg laughing.

Peg and Korky work two days a week at the factory. But Peg's curious nature has her asking questions: Why can't she smell the candy being made? Or do lollipops smell as they're made? And why aren't the lollipops sold in her hometown of Redmond? No one answers her questions.

Peg wants to go to the back room where the lollipops are made. Surely she' ll find answers there, but the door is always locked. She tries the locked door every day. Then one day the doorknob turns .

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