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Carley Madison has fallen in love. While on spring break vacation visiting her father in Mountain View miles away from her hometown she unexpectedly smacks into Dax Peterson. Surprisingly enough, through the course of the week and many conversations Carley learns that Dax and his family are preparing for a move to Somerville, Carley's hometown. Fate had brought them together and distance would not keep them apart.

But Carley already has a boyfriend, which she doesn't tell Dax about. For nearly a year she has been dating Zander Dalton. Carley believed they had the perfect relationship but a few months after they had began dating Zander had been forced to move out of town with his parents. The move was supposed to only be temporary so Carley and Zander had held the relationship together, visiting one another every chance they got.

Now the long distance relationship has begun to take a toll on Carley and then Dax comes into the picture. Carley has every intention of breaking up with Zander when she returns to Somerville but when Zander suddenly appears at the local teen hangout and sees Carley with Dax the situation becomes out of control.

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This is a cute, very upbeat little story that inspires good behavior in teens today. I would recommend the story on this alone. Just the kind of story our teens need these days. It's not often you have a Love Triangle and all the characters are good decent young people. Tonya Ramagos aspires to almost fantasy in this Young Adult novel. Kid's Book Reviews



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