Michelle Marr

Romance author Michelle Marr has a passion for books. She met her husband-to-be in a bookstore and walked around a book sale while in labor with her second baby.

Books have always played a vital role in Michelle's life. Some of her earliest memories include trips with her mother to their favorite used bookstore. Years later, she met her husband- to-be while she was working in that same store. Her daughter teethed on romance novels, then used them as building blocks. While she was in labor with her second baby, Michelle went to a book sale.

After accumulating boxes and boxes of books, Michelle is thrilled to know that she can keep all of the ebooks she wants safely stored on her computer.

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Until Bob helped Penny get back inside her locked house, he didn't know much about her. Not that she was pregnant. Not that he'd wind up holding her hand while her baby was born, and helping her take care of her newborn son.

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Kate thought she had a good life. Then she met the man of her dreams and had sex with him in the front seat of his car. While she was in someone else's body.


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