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A simple token of affection that sweeps across five generations, changing each with its simple charm and complex meaning. The Ornament comes into the family in the late 1800s, bringing with it the promise of hope, faith and enduring love. As it passes from one generation to the next, each is touched. But there is no magic in the ornament itself, only in the love and caring which passes with it.

May and Ernest face both a new century and the same age-old problem faced by Romeo and Juliet, parental disapproval. Yet the ornament proves the bond they need to find their happy ending. It's the Roaring Twenties and Margaret is torn between the fun of being a flapper and the desire to please her parents. When Bertram arrives, he shows her that some times compromise proves the best solution. High school sweethearts Alyce and Len are torn apart by World War II. When Len returns from action, he's a changed man, but has he changed so much that he no longer loves Alyce? Even the Woodstock generation reaches its power into Middle America, as Sophie struggles to tame her own rebellious spirit and still maintain the respect of her parents. Then, the drifter comes to town and turns all their lives upside down. And finally, there's Marti, struggling to understand why God would take away her one true love, as another stands poised to take his place. Over the years and the struggles, the Ornament unites them all.

Enchanting the reader, The Ornament by Leta Nolan Childers brings to life Christmas magic of fulfilled hopes and dreams. Visiting one generation after another you'll find yourself captivated by Ms. Childers' ability to entwine such cherished tales of everlasting love.~~Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona


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