Oscar Wilde's Love Song is a supernatural novella about Carina Angelo, an English literature professor who places a love letter on the grave of Oscar Wilde, then spends three days in Paris seduced by the writer's ghost in a haunting liaison. Based on the famous Irish legend, this story is a departure from typical portrayals in derivative fiction as it illuminates his passion for the opposite sex.

Devastated over the end of her marriage to an award-winning author, Carina travels to Europe for a recovery period. While visiting the Père La Chaise Cemetery, she lays a rose on Wilde's headstone. His spirit overwhelms her, distracting her from reality. He pulls her from the depths of depression into a dream world of pleasure. A psychic bond makes his character come alive, his energy tangible. She sees him, hears him, and touches him, but he's perceptible only to her. The foreign scent of a man's cologne surrounds her... mingling with the exotic taste of his lips. Carina feels the warmth of his kiss and the caress of his hands... his presence in her bed at night. His personality entwines with hers, bringing psychological freedom and peace. Acclimated to tough masculinity and gender separation, the sensual Wilde fulfills her like no other man. The reasons for her divorce are clear. She needs a gentle, sensitive companion.

As she draws him deeper into their paranormal union, Carina cannot live without him. The day before her scheduled departure she loses contact and fails to find him again. She waits for an answer that doesn't come. She walks the streets of Paris, searching for the love she can no longer feel. Despairing of seeing Wilde again, Carina returns to Chicago. Only through the mysticism of his poetry will she revive his soul, creating a spiritual pathway... an eternal bond.

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Seductive.Oscar Wilde's Love Song by Julia Ann Charpentier is an experience in it's self. Carina Angelo finds herself overwhelmed by the mesmerizing apparition of Oscar Wilde as haunting sensual nights leave her desperate for a love she can only find in her dreams. You'll be entranced as you read this evocative love story as Carina and Oscar discover a way to cross the dauntless barriers to gain a love eternal. Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona http://kimgaona.com

...the plot intriguing. I believe any fan of poetry would like this tale. Not just fans of Wilde's either! If you find yourself often reading Poe, Frost, or others, you would dearly love this novella! **** HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch) http://www.huntressreviews.com/esnrom.htm

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