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While Adria and her cousin Toby hunt for the pirate treasure she hopes will allow her to move back to Minnesota, Toby's new stepfather behaves very suspiciously. What is his deep dark secret? Is he involved in a crime?

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Dreams of pirate treasure turn into more adventure than cousins Adria and Toby ever imagined in THE SECRET OF PIRATE KEY by Kathleen Culligan Techler.

When Adria spotted a pirate ship disappearing into the fog early one morning, Toby didn't believe her. But pirates did once roam the beaches of their vacation island of Pirate Key, and both children are drawn by dreams of hidden treasure. Indeed, Adria hopes that buried treasure will allow her family to return to Minnesota rather than following her father's new job to St. Petersburg, Florida.

As the cousins explore the island, however, they encounter bullies and mysterious doings surrounding an old house. Soon they realize the island conceals many secrets and perhaps even the ghosts of long dead pirates guarding their treasure. Further, Adria begins to suspect her Uncle Paul may be involved in something illegal, and she becomes certain that the answers lie with the old pirate's house.

For young readers who enjoy adventure and pirates, THE SECRET OF PIRATE KEY is a fun, light read certain to entertain. The plot twists and turns will engage the one's attention while the character growth of young Adria will inspire belief in one's self. Review by Cindy Penn, WordWeaving


The children's characters are extremely well written. Adria especially exhibits a wide range of realistic emotions - from homesickness for Minnesota and her friends, sadness for the loss of her dog Taffy, natural childish enthusiasm for hunting pirate treasure, to fear of the unknown and supernatural.

The plot is well developed with several detailed strands - a missing, kidnapped girl; a mysterious, spooky house on the beach; plus the highly suspicious activities of Uncle Paul. The author cleverly weaves them all together for a most satisfying ending. This reviewer enjoyed not only the riveting adventure, but also the well-crafted visual imagery of life on a key.~~Copyright © 2001 by Kathleen Schwartz for Sharpwriters


Kathleen Culligan Techler is an author to watch for in the coming years and has the ability to become the next Carolyn Keene in the Young Adult Genre. If you're searching for a young person's book, purchase The Secret of Pirate Key at and give someone young in your life a reason to love reading!~~Mae Hochstetler for Sandy Cummins Book Reviews


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