Ronn Munro

Ronn Munro grew up in Collingswood, New Jersey. Graduated from Collingswood High School. Joined the Pennsylvania Railroad to see the world and got as far as Philadelphia, where circumstances put him out of work. He eventually enrolled at Temple University on a Athletic Scholarship and in 1956 graduated from the School of Education. After a tour of Europe on Uncle Sam (39th Signal Battalion,7th Army and TDY to several other outfits) he returned home to teach high school and coach football in Pennsylvania. (Wilson Borough High School and William Allen High School respectively) after which he sold life insurance with New York Life. After getting the old "is that all there is feeling" he moved back to Philadelphia and worked downtown for the Insurance Company of North America. After discovering that the insurance industry did not prize the creative mind, he relocated to Eagleville Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, where he was the Director of Education and Training for the next four years.

He left Eagleville and maintained a private practice of Group Counseling and Training until 1985 when he decided to try theatre as a vocation, a task he had desired to try and had dabbled in for most of his adult life. After a litany of roles in Community Theatre he dove into Professional theatre and acquired his Equity Card, a necessary ticket to moving up. Getting paid was good. After several years on the East Coast Circuit (New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.) He started to fulfill the requirements for his Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Radio and Television Artists cards. After attaining both cards he was busily engaged and working steadily. After spending 11 months with the Barry Manilow Organization doing Copacabana at Ceasars Atlantic City, he concentrated on Television and Feature Films. All the while working out of New York City which required a daily commute and on occasion overnights.

A re-evaluation of his circumstances and the purchase of a computer encouraged him to start writing again, something he had not done on a regular basis since the typewriter was sent to the attic. Following the recommendations of his college literature professor, he concentrated on those things he knew something about and loved.....his pets. Later he would retrieve some of his older poems and assemble an anthology that displayed his variable writing talents. His ability to play with language in order to provoke emotion was evident.

Ronn still works on feature films and an occasional commercial. But most of his time is spent writing prose and poetry. His current long term challenge is recording his memoirs.

Little Did I Know

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This book is a closer than normal look at irony and how we tend to take it for granted and move on when what we ought to do is learn from the experiences.

If a person is allowed (encouraged) to experience and appreciate life's ironies, so will they appreciate the effort of participation, regardless of the result. It is also a predictable developer of confidence.

I believe that if you undertake a task with good intentions and the proper preparation and an open mind, the outcome will be beneficial whether the outcome is what you planned or not


A Small Book of Poems and Thoughts

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I first learned that prose 
is the best use of words and 
that poetry was the use of 
the best words. In each 
persons life there are moments 
that, by there very nature, 
demand to be recorded and kept. 
Some of these moments require
that the idea be recorded as poetry.

This, in turn, raises the bar 
on preserving an idea in a way 
that allows many to experience 
the same moment over and over 
again. The goal is to allow
that moment, that is so moving, 
to be felt personally by all who 
read the lines. If one is lucky 
the written word is not only 
understood but can be applied 
universally to many people who 
have lived much different lives.....
but arrive at similar conclusions 
in their translation. Such is my 
desire in sharing this historical 
view of life. Read and let your
mind translate the moments.

You Wonder Where I Learned It

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As one looks over his or 
her behavior in life, 
especially in hindsight, the
process of "why did I 
do that" flips into our 
thinking process and if we
really want to know it is 
imperative to come up with 
an honest answer. Otherwise
the process becomes 
'a lie to yourself ' 
We all take for granted 
that we will grow up… 
no matter what. How we
grow up is dependent on 
from whom we learn the process. 
Who guides us? Who takes time 
to teach us? Who has the 
patience that is needed to repeat 
and repeat the message? 
The process evolves from birth 
to maturity and at some
point the process is passed to us. 
When we are solely responsible for our
own growth we see just 
how tenuous the process is. 
Then we want to pay homage
to those that previously 
did the job. This book is 
such an attempt.
We learn more from observing 
than from being talked at. 
Therefore we are
constantly, minute to minute, 
learning from all that is around us. 
On looking back at a life-time 
of absorbing all the data we learned, 
some instances
and people stand out…forever!


Stories & Poems For Pet Lovers

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Whether it was a chicken or a cat or dog they all got names in our house. And they all knew their names.


Residue Thoughts

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This book is a record of the 
things that stimulate and intrigue 
me as I go through my days. 
It is about everyday things. 
Things that we all see and
experience at one level or another. 
Some are poems of the standard brand.
Some are recorded just as they come out. 
Some are of acquaintances and some
are of people and situations 
observed from afar.

Magic Moments

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      The meaning of the saying, 
"True love never does run smooth" 
was never clear to me. 
I now understand it to mean 
that true love endures the 
roadblocks and setbacks. 
True love endures.

      "But it all comes down to feelings. 
Feelings that are generated from 
within and feelings that, because 
of the complexity generated by 
combining all the
      sexual and spiritual elements, 
cannot be understood by another 
person observing the phenomenon."

      "Don't mix up romanticism with love. 
Romanticism is the art of making the
      best of a loving situation. 
Being romantic is expanding the sensitive, 
being creative in caring. 
Yes, romantic is also a necessary 
life expression. Mix
      up love and romance and problems arise"


A Serpentine Journey in Prose

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This book might well be labeled as

a kaleidoscope of the development

that takes place in one's life

and how the randomness eventually

comes together for the best.




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