Reindeer love to make ornaments!

A Christmas Craft for the 21st Century -- an easy and inexpensive project.

--- Eva Kende

Take two of those freebie CDs that providers and companies give away and get the children to decorate the labeled side with paints, felt pens, stickers or whatever. Let their imagination be your guide.

Then using utility scissors or a jigsaw, carefully and gently, cut a 1/8" strip from each of the CDs all the way to the center hole. Do this on a spread out newspaper, because the plastic fragments can make a mess. Slip the disks into each other. Use a drop of hot glue to secure them at a 90-degree angle. Use a colorful ribbon through the center hole to hang these up. You can get creative with the bow too and add painted nuts, a sprig of holly or mistletoe and a tassel at the bottom. These can be hung on the tree as ornaments, placed in a window to catch the sun or hung outside. They will spin in the breeze and catch the light, giving a very pretty effect. You can even string 2-3 of these together for an even better show.

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I'm sure many people have uses for left-over Christmas cards, but one of my favourites is to sit by the fire after Christmas and look once again at the cards people have sent.

Then I take the scissors and cut up the pictures into gift tag sizes. I punch a hole in them and thread cotton or ribbon through, and then put them away until the following year to use on Christmas gifts.

In this way you have twice the pleasure of looking at the bright colours and wishes you received the previous year!

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Here's a  couple of fun suggestions from one of the reindeers' chums...

Christmas Hints: Make minature birdhouses for your tree by sawing 1" thick branches into 3" sections. Drill a 1/2" hold in the center of the 'log' and pound in a small ten penny nail just under the hole for a perch. Hot glue a bit of moss in the hole. Screw in a hook at the top of the 'log' and attach to a fish hook for hanging. You can make larger birdhouses to hang on your front proch, in your den, etc. but hot glue a little stuffed birdie to the nail!

Another great item that can be individualized as a gift.....take an inexpensive 8 X 10 picture frame with glass, a beautiful inspirational greeting card that will fit inside a ready-made mat (or you can make the mat out of wide-edged lace!). Center the card and mat inside the frame. On the cardboard back of the picture frame, be sure to put who this gift is to, who made it, when it was presented. It's a keepsake people will thoroughly enjoy and it will be unlike anything else the recipient will get!

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