Sarah Myers

Sarah Myers is a high school student in Connecticut. She loves to

swim, surf, read, write, and spend time with her amazing friends and family.

She admires the words and writings of Mark Twain, Orson Scott Card, Lao Tzu,

and others with whom she acquaints herself through afternoons in bookstores.


 The Ripping Sequence

Sarah Myers

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For as long as they can remember, Nic, Mac, and Leve have been taught to fear individual thought and intense emotion. Though mere children, they are already committed to a life of study under rigorous professors at "The University," their civilization's only institute of knowledge. Here, they are reminded of how passion causes war, and how war destroyed the known world, -leaving behind it only one tiny sanctuary for people left on Earth: the island of Phoenix. Because Phoenix is the last, desperation has triggered the forming of a strict doctrine called simply The Rules, of which everyone knows the existence, but no one has ever read in completion. But Mac, Nic, and Leve are different than their fellow students. For some reason, they seem to constantly cause disruption to the structured order of things at The University, and in Phoenix. Every day brings more questions to Mac, Nic, and Leve. For instance, what causes Leve's recurring phantasmagoric dreams? What strange business is being concocted between the professors at The University? And most of all: who is the mysterious Analeavea Lanqualich? Mac, Nic, and Leve must take on the very fabric of time to piece together their seemingly nonexistent pasts in order to understand the future. And the puzzle may be more complicated than anyone could have dreamed.


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