Shelia Jordan Grigsby

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The Legend of Lakota Star

Shelia Jordan Grigsby

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Betrayal without boundaries

Legends are mixed with 
treachery when Nakita, a 
Lakota daughter of the 
Sioux nation is sold into 
slavery. Nakita is determined 
to return to her village
to settle the score 
with her betrayer, and 
save as many of her people 
as possible. She must 
find her children, and 
the forbidden arms of the 
white man who helped her.

United States Marshall, 
Matt O’Hare has thrown 
down his badge and seeks 
the men who killed his 
family. A twist of fate 
has made him too late 
to exact his revenge and 
he is devastated when he 
finds his answers within 
the heart of Nakita. 
Fraught with tension and 
battles for existence, 
they unite in the search 
for her children. The 
union brings peace, and 
a special love that
spans a lifetime.

Valentine Victory

Shelia Jordan Grigsby

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   After her surgery, Dana 
Corey wants nothing more 
than to rest and relax in 
her Tennessee Mountain Home. 
   A plane crash and an old 
enemy ruin her serenity and 
threatens her life. Her fear 
of Mack Shriver, a jewel 
thief, is nothing compared 
to the fear she faces when 
the plane carrying the man 
she loves, John Danville, 
crashes into the hillside 
below her cabin. Rushing 
to try and save him before 
the plane explodes is almost 
to much for her, especially 
when she rushes right into 
the murderer Mack Shriver. 
   Helping John has never 
been so difficult but Dana 
forces her body into action 
and prays she isn't too late 
to help her beloved friend 
and companion, John.





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