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From the beginning in STAR ROOKIE, it is clear George Jackson is not your average young man with a dream to play professional baseball. After mysteriously convincing the manager of a semi-pro team to let him practice with the team, he at first resembles a person who has never seen a baseball in his life. Within minutes he learns, adjusts and puts on an exhibition of hitting and fielding that not only earns him a spot on the team, but causes numerous eyebrows to raise in amazement. Little do his team members know...

As George tries to realize his dream, he finds that even with his superior physical and mental skills, it’s a difficult task. So is keeping his true identity a secret. When his semi-pro team, the Wildcats, win some crucial games against their rivals, George draws a lot of unwanted attention. A minor league club quickly signs him, threatening his cover.

When the lovely Lisa Bennington enters the scene, an inquisitive reporter who pressures George for information about his past, he finds himself in plenty of interesting situations – including one for which he is not prepared – falling in love. Playing baseball becomes increasingly difficult as George deals with his new love, a jealous teammate and questions from the police. The suspense builds as George tries to lead his team to the league championship.


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