The Window to Summer Download: $4.50

Winter can be no fun at all! Especially when those three mischievous cats—Baby,

Buddy and Bug—decide they are tired of falling, cold snow and decide to explore the house for the “Window to Summer.”

Nothing is safe as the cats venture from one room to another looking for sun and fun.
Kids can listen to the cats as well as watch their animated antics in this book.

The Window To Summer is a delightful tale about three cats impatient for winter to be over. They set offon an exploration of the house, thinking they found summer in the most usual things, and leaving a pile of mischief behind them. Charming graphics and sound capture your child's attention, and a pre-schooler can work the mouse to flip the pages. Don't be surprised if they're inspired to go on their own journey to find a window to summer!   ~   Jamie Engle for eBook Connections

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