Virginia Gill

Virginia Gill and her family have always believed that if you pray, wonderful things can happen and she lived her life believing in God's will above all. Writing A Child of my Own and Epiphanies In Poetry was a true labor of love for Virginia.

A Child of My Own
Virginia Gill

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Epiphanies In Poetry
Virginia Gill

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A Child Of My Own

As Told To Virginia Gill

The adoption of a baby is always

special, but when that adoption

comes as a special gift from God,

both families know they are blessed.

This is a true story of how love can

build bridges and bring two families

together to share in the blessed event

of the birth of one special baby and

keep these families close to share in

the love and joy as she grows up.

Epiphanies In Poetry

Virginia has written delightful poetry about her family

and the love she feels for them



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