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As one looks over his or her behavior in life, especially in hindsight, the process of "why did I do that" flips into our thinking process and if we really want to know it is imperative to come up with an honest answer. Otherwise the process becomes 'a lie to yourself ' function.

We all take for granted that we will grow up… no matter what. How we grow up is dependent on from whom we learn the process. Who guides us? Who takes time to teach us? Who has the patience that is needed to repeat and repeat the message? The process evolves from birth to maturity and at some point the process is passed to us. When we are solely responsible for our own growth we see just how tenuous the process is. Then we want to pay homage to those that previously did the job. This book is such an attempt.

We learn more from observing than from being talked at. Therefore we are constantly, minute to minute, learning from all that is around us. On looking back at a life-time of absorbing all the data we learned, some instances and people stand out…forever!


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