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Australian romance author, Joanie MacNeil has published six contemporary novels and written as many short stories. She is also contracted to write short stories for Dream Lover Fantasies. Her article on Motivation has appeared in writers' newsletters in both the US and Australia. She is the coordinator of the Canberra Romance Writers, a member of Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America (Australian Chapter), Romantic Novelists Association, England, the ACT Writers Centre, and EPPRO - The Electronically Published Professionals.

She lives in Canberra, Australia's National Capital, with her husband and three children; Max, the friendly Blue Heeler and Possum, a lovable though bossy cat. Her dreams are to travel more, visit Scotland again and to live by the sea.

"Writing category romance was the last thing on my mind when I enrolled in a six week freelance writing course in 1994. Towards the end of the course, I'd decided freelance writing wasn't for me, and when we touched on writing romance novels, I was as hooked by the idea as I was by the historical romance books I'd begun to read only a couple of years before. Five years later saw the release of A TIME FOR LOVE from New Concepts Publishing, followed by two releases that same year from DiskUs Publishing, A TRADITIONAL AFFAIR and DESPERATE AND DATELESS. I have written nine romance novels. Two of my books are set in Scotland and have Australian heroines. After visiting there, I couldn't resist the temptation to give my books a Scottish flavour. My latest novel, TROUBLE OR NOTHING, a story with a mature heroine and younger hero, is set in Canberra and was released by NovelBooks, Inc in November 2001."

When Joanie is not involved in writing-related activities, she works full time as a Personal Assistant, temping for one of Canberra's leading employment agencies.

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An exclusive interview with DiskUs author Joanie MacNeil!

Where do you live?

Canberra, Australia

Where can fans write to you?

What inspired your books?

A Traditional Affair-after visiting Scotland-I couldn't resist the urge to set a story in a Scottish Castle with a traditional Scottish hero.

Desperate and Dateless-I picked up a brochure on the Desperate and Dateless ball which is held here every year. I knew there had to be a story in there somewhere. I had some thoughts for another story that probably wouldn't have gone anywhere, and was able to combine those ideas the Desperate and Dateless theme.

What's your writer's day like?

I work full time for a temp agency, so write when I can, mostly on the weekends.

Tell us about your family.

My son is almost 21 and the two girls are 18 and 16. Life is never dull when they are around.

Do you have pets?

A very friendly Blue Heeler, Max, who's about 5 now and just loves company, so long as it's fussing over him. Then there's Possum, an 8 year old cat. I call her Madam Cat. Though she is very loving, she does like to be the boss. We took in both animals (Possum came first) when their former owners moved on and couldn't take the animals with them.

Max's former owner taught him to chase cats. They are both too set in their ways to ever be friends, which is a pity. Max has the back garden, and Possum rules the house, us and the front garden.

Do you have any hobbies?

I don't really have time for hobbies, but do like to watch tv programs of historical interest, selected cookery shows and a few others of interest. I read for relaxation and I like to go for walks when I can.

What about your leisure time?

Again, I don't have much leisure time either. I read or watch a movie. I usually read at lunchtime and at night before I go to bed.

Who are your favorite authors?

Historicals - Barbara Erskine, Elizabeth Chadwick~Contemporary, Sandra Brown, Sandra Marton, Joan Hohl, Elizabeth George; just to name a few.

What's your favorite books?

At the moment - The Love Knot, by Elizabeth Chadwick.

Favorite movies?

First Knight, Last of the Mohicans, Ever After.

What's your favorite place?

The beach - I love to look at, hear and smell the ocean. I find it fascinating. I don't have to be in it to enjoy it.

Of all the places you've never visited, what one would you most like to?

Cook Islands - it sounds romantic and I wonder what it would be like to live on a tiny island surrounded by ocean.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Celtic, rock and roll, Chris Isaak, 60s/70s


Desperate And Dateless

Zoe O'Malley's freelance career has only just begun, but she has high hopes for her future, especially if she can secure Liam Reynold's as a client.

Their business meeting doesn't start very well when she greets him at the door by pouring a jug of water over him. Explaining it was a case of mistaken identity, she admits the water was intended for the neighbouring twin pranksters. If the dousing wasn't bad enough, Zoe then gets her necklace caught in the fax machine and has to ask Liam to rescue her, as she is totally trapped.

Fortunately her samples are impressive and she lands the job anyway, but will she get future assignments after breaking a family heirloom when she drops the completed work at his house? Luckily Liam appears to be the forgiving sort, and with the "help" of a matchmaking teenage brother, Liam starts thinking of Zoe as more than a business associate.

It's a pity they are both strongly against dating workmates. But Liam's little brother Daniel, isn't about to let the perfect relationship fly out the window. Neither will Zoe's meddling friend Tiffany, who has even stooped to duplicity, to rid Zoe of her boring boyfriend.

Can their burgeoning romance survive the Daniel's well-meaning interference and Zoe's propensity for accidents?~~Sandy Cummins~Book Reviews


Sweet Temptations

"...a gloriously complicated contemporary romance. I loved every minute of Sweet Temptations!"

- Sally G. Laturi, Ivy Quill Reviews

"Shocking, yet compelling. Well written... A good read."

- Susan Joynor-Pettigraf, Paper Tiger Reviews


A Traditiolnal Affair

Joanie MacNeil's A Traditional Affair is a delightful story. It captures you in the first sentence and never lets go. Read A Traditional Affair and discover whether Overbearing Scottish Lords truly still exist. I believe they do!

Kims Reviews~~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona

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