Great Kid Crafts!!!

Courtesy of Miz Patches...


  • 1 Large pinecone

  • 1 Wood ball

  • 1 Small silk rose

  • Doll hair

  • Small heart shape doily for wings

  • Gold wire for halo


I spray the cone first with acrylic sealer and let dry.

I leave mine natural, but you can spray paint if you prefer. They also look pretty gold.

Glue wood ball to top of cone (you may have to remove some of the cone in order to make the head rest evenly. Glue small rose to neck (or decorate any way you choose} Glue hair and halo, paint dot eyes and rosy cheeks. Glue small heart shaped doily to back for wings.

Courtesy of  Miz Patches...


This could be used in the bath filled with soap or potpourri


  • clay pot (size of your choice)

  • clay saucer

  • latex enamel

  • sand paper

  • potpourri/guest soap

  • glue

Go over the pot and sauce with very fine sandpaper to remove rough edges and small imperfections, paying close attention to rims and bottoms of pot. Then clean with a soft cloth before painting.

Paint pot and saucer with 2 coats of latex enamel (quick drying gloss) and let dry completely. This can be done by using spray method or brush method. If brush method is used, sponge brushes seem to do the best job.

Glue pot to saucer as shown in photo. You can use hot glue, but I found that "goop" sometimes holds better.

Decorate rim of your bird bath with little pieces of bark, small flowers, spanish moss, pieces of potpourri, tiny bird, etc. Fill with guest soap or potpourri.

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