On the Road to Love  

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"You expect me to ride all the way across the state in that? The only thing holding that collection of mismatched nuts and bolts you call a 'car' together is the rust! You'd better pull the dipstick on your brain. You've got to be running low on intelligence, Chance."

Chastity Goodhope had her future planned. Marriage to her handsome neighbor-though she hadn't apprised him of their destiny-with four or five beautiful children who they'd raise on their combined farms. It was meant to be. As comfortable and secure as a leisurely ride down a smooth road.

Then, fate-and Chance Meyers-intervened. Suddenly Chastity finds herself an innocent passenger on the road trip from hell…with a driver whose devilish wit and beguiling charm are just too tough to ignore. Just as hard to ignore as the fact that he's the brother of the man of her dreams.

In the midst of mechanical failure, a medical crisis and an opportunity to re-evaluate her decisions, Chastity learns that the road to love is filled with potholes, speed bumps and detours…but with faith, every journey ends at a happy destination.

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What's a PVC valve got to do with it? Chance and Chastity take the long way in Leta Nolan Childers' "On the Road to Love" to find out! Between car troubles, a mud bath, and a too close call with a fire extinguisher, Chance discovers the girl he's loved all his life is "the love of his life", while Chastity fights her reactions to Chance which war against her mind's decision that Chance's brother Luke is the right man for her. If you're looking for a humorous story about two people's journey across life's potholes to the ultimate discovery that they were made for each other, I recommend this one. --Tina Adams, HeartRealm


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