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Plain, ordinary, dull…deadly dull. It seems the only time that timid Michelle Koslowski really lives is when she's penning the latest glamorous and daring adventures of her heroine, Chelle Charming, the star of a series of books she's hoping to one day see published. If only…if only Michelle were more like Chelle—sexy, seductive and confident, then maybe that gorgeous guy down at the diner might notice something more than her daily order for cappuccino and biscotti.

But, between trying to keep his diner solvent and keeping real estate developers from squeezing him out of the neighborhood, Gene Francetti has too much on his mind to even notice the customers coming into his diner…especially when his long lost Uncle Guiseppe sweeps into town in a stretch limo and carrying a wad of dough that boggles the mind. For some reason, Gene's dad isn't too keen on renewing acquaintances with his kid brother. In fact, his dad warns all his children to stay as far away from their uncle as possible. That's pretty unusual for a man like Gene's father who has believed and passed on his philosophy that "family is everything."

Yet somehow, between gummy cakes and goons and muffins and the Mafia, Gene begins noticing more and more that nice, quiet woman who has seemed to found a way into his life. Perhaps…maybe one day…but then again, just how is she connected to Uncle Guiseppe?

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(Five Globes) This delightful romance/mystery kept me at the edge of my chair wondering if the author can successfully untangle the web her characters wove around them. She did. The characters in Chelle's Pot of Gold are very real and engaging. So much so that I am hoping that Leta Nolan Childers will tell the in dept story of the secondary cast in future novels. This book was a terrific read.~Eva Kende,

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