Riddle Me This!!!

Tons of great holiday riddles...guaranteed to make you laugh and groan!

To take this riddle quiz...read the riddle, think of the answer, then click on the riddle. After you're done laughing so hard that your belly looks like a jar of jelly, click on the answer to return to the riddles.

1. Why is Donner always wet? 2. What do the reindeer hang on the Christmas tree? 3. Why does Santa go down the chimney? 4. If the day before Christmas is Christmas Eve, what's the day after Christmas called?
5. Why are the reindeer Scrooge's favorite animals? 6. What does the Gingerbread Man put in his bed? 7. When you kiss beneath the mistletoe, should your eyes be open or shut? 8. What do penguins and polar bears ride?
9. What do you get when Santa slips and hits the fire in the fireplace? 10. What did the grape say to the raisin? 11. What do you give a gigantic polar bear for Christmas? 12. What do you call a reindeer with four eyes?
13. Besides Christmas, what does December have that no other month has? 14. Where does Frosty keep his money? 15. What do you call a cow that lives at the North Pole? 16. What do you call a bunch of grandmasters of chess bragging about their Games in a hotel lobby?
17. What do snowmen eat for breakfast? 18. Why was Santa's little helper depressed? 19. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? 20. What do you call a cat on the beach at Christmastime?
21. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? 22. What do elves learn in school? 23. What goes Ho, Ho, Swoosh, Ho, Ho, Swoosh? 24. What kind of a bird can write?
25. What did Casper the Friendly Ghost tell Santa? 26. Where do polar bears vote? 27. What is Santa's nationality? 28. Where does mistletoe go to become rich and famous?
29. Why can't Frosty live in the middle of an ocean? 30. How do sheep in Mexico say Merry Christmas? 31. Who drinks reindeer milk everyong morning? 32. If athletes get athletes foot, what do astronauts get?
33. What do they call Santa's little helpers? 34. What comes at the end of Christmas Day? 35. What do you get when you cross an Irish Setter with a Pointer? 36. What is sometimes smaller than Santa, sometimes bigger than Santa but doesn't weigh an ounce?
37. What does Santa use to raise sweet potatoes and corn? 38. What kind of reindeer has a trunk? 39. What happened when Santa's rototiller went wild? 40.Which is the most ill-mannered of all the reindeer?
41.What's white, naked and lives at the North Pole? 42.What happens when you eat Christmas garland? 43.Why do birds fly South for the winter? 44.Why won't Santa eat Twinkies?
45.Why did the elf bring a pack of cards to decorate? 46.What bites and nips but has no teeth? 47. Why did the elf hide a clock in Santa's sleigh? 48. What do elves make sandwiches with?

49. How do you spell hard water with only three letters? 50.How many Santa's does it take to change a lightbulb?

7. You should kiss with your lips, silly goose. 16. Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer! 30. Fleece Navidad 13. The letter "D"
42. You get "tinsel"-itis! 25. I'll have a "boo" Christmas without you. 45. To "deck" the halls.

34. The Letter "Y" 41. A Polar "Bare" 18. Because he had low elf-esteem! 4. December 26th!
11. Anything he wants!!! 29. Because snow-man is an island! 36. His shadow.
37. His fork. 23. Santa caught in a revolving door. 3. Because it "soots" him! 49. I-C-E
10. Tis the Season to be Jelly!! 6. A cookie sheet. 32. Mistle-toe. 19. Frostbite
28. "Holly" Wood. 48. Shortbread.

46. Frost
21. "Claus"trophobic! 5. Because Scrooge loves every buck!

38. One who's headed for vacation.
14. In a "snow" bank! 43. It's too far to walk. 2. "Horn"aments! 9. Crisp Kringle

17. Snowflakes 39. He ho-ho-ho'd his entire garden. 20. Sandy Claws
8. An Ice-Cycle! 27. North Pole-ish!

31. A baby reindeer.
35. A "poin-setter" 40. "Rude-olph" 47. He wanted to see time fly! 15. An eski-mooooo!
26. The North Poll 12. A reiiiindeer! 1. Because he's a "rain"-deer! 24. A "Pen"guin!
44. Because he prefers Ho-Hos! 50. One. Because Santa is smart, good-looking, charming and....well--you think I want a lump of coal in my stocking??? 33. Subordinate Clauses 22. The "Elf"a bet!

(Guess) Who I am

by Michelle Marr

(Visit Michelle's site by clicking here.)

In the "Who I am" game, the first player picks something to be, then gives

clues so the other players can figure out who he or she is, kind of like

twenty questions, without the questions. Start with vague clues ("I'm very

sweet"), then get more and more specific ("I'm long and straight, with one

bent end") until the other player comes up with the right answer. If you're

playing with a small child, you may need to repeat the clues and offer a

lot of extra help. ("I am sweet like a cookie, but I'm something else.

Cookies have crumbs and I'm smooth and hard. I have red and white

stripes...") It's a great way to keep a little mind busy while you're on a

car trip, or waiting in a long line.

Most of the year, my little girl and I pretend to be different animals, but

for Christmas there are plenty of other possibilities:

I have a pointed top.

There are lots of tiny lights on me.

I have needles.

I'm green.

You can put presents under me.

(Click here for the answer.)

I'm white.

I'm made up of round balls.

I'm shaped like a person, but I'm not alive.

I can't come into the house or I'd melt.

Sometimes I have a carrot for a nose.

(Click here for the answer.)

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