Rustina Elkin


Rustina Elkin lives in California, and besides writing, she enjoys the theatre, acting, driving her Mustang and walking her dog, "Puppy." Of course, Rustina's most valued recent production is her son, Dylan.

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A Poem by Rustina Elkin


Two Years In Mexico


Two years in Mexico,

I watch them come,

And I watch them go.

I wonder what you don't know?

I spent two years in Mexico.


My pale skin,

Worshiped the sun like a goddess,

And I bathed in the stars at night.

You'll never know why,

But you just might...


Spend two years in Mexico,

Watch them come,

And watch them go.

There are so many things you'll never know,

Until you spend two years in Mexico.


I walked the graves,

In time of need.

Sometimes you can faintly hear,

The voices plead,

In Mexico.


Bar to bar,

Thought to thought.

This tequila's hard,

I should have not,

Listened so softly,

To the voices down below.

I spent two years in Mexico.


I watched them come,

And I watched them go.

The time I've lost here,

You'll never know.

But I spent two years in Mexico.


I don't think I'll ever see your face again.

Sometimes I wonder when this pain will end.

I've fought my demons one by one.

I know that I was always the pawn,

And still I'm drawn, back here again,

In Mexico.


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