Shelia Jordan Grigsby


It is with sadness in our hearts that we note the passing of DiskUs Author, Shelia Jordan Grigsby.

Shelia passed away on Monday, August 23, 2004 and will be missed by her family, friends, fellow writers and readers.

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Shelia Jordan Grigsby was a lady with a heart of compassion, a loving soul, and touched many lives with her kindred spirit.

Shelia and I met on Charlotte Dillon's RWC list a few years ago and became fast friends. Our friendship escalated over the years to the point that we became like sisters and once Shelia opened her heart and drew you in, you were in her heart for life. We shared good times, sad times, and were always there for each other.

Shelia's writing was a passion that could not be denied. She loved to write westerns and wrote The Legend Of Lakota Star at the same time I was writing Passion's Embrace. She offered to critique it, and I offered to critique hers, and we soon became critique partners. If there was one thing Shelia knew, it was the Old West and her expertise in history was an asset that may writers would envy. She also had a flair for character emotions that made her characters come to life, which reflected her depth for understanding human nature.

She also wrote Valentine Victory and Where Roses Bloom. When I talked Shelia last, she commented, "I have so many stories to tell." Her writing meant the world to her.

Shelia's love for her family was another passion that filled her heart. Her husband was her hero and the love of her life. She always commented on how had she become so lucky as to find a man like him. His unconditional love was the light of her soul. Her children and grandchildren were her pride and joy and she loved them unconditionally and they brought her much happiness.

In remembrance of a dear friend and sister, you will always be embedded in my heart and never forgotten, and as of our last conversation, friends never say good-bye. Until we meet again.

Cia Leah


I had the priveledge of working with Shelia earlier in the year and was impressed by her talent and her love of writing. She will be missed by everyone who knew her and it is a great loss to her reading fans.

Carol Davis: Senior Editor  -- DiskUs Publishing


I was around number 86 to join the RWClist and Shelia was already a member. It was a great honor knowing, and corresponding with her. She was a great writer and will surely be missed by all. God Bless Shelia and the loved ones she left behind.

God Speed

Marla Woolsey

Author of "A Trucker's Wife"


I've never had the honor to meet Shelia, but I have read 2 of her books and they were wonderful. She was an excellent writer. The world has lost a truly talented author.

Janette Dixon


Shelia will be greatly missed by many. Those who knew her, knew of her love, generosity and ability to make you laugh when you were down. Her writing gave us a doorway into the spirit and heart contained inside this lovely lady.

May God bless her in her journey and the family she left behind.

Sienna Dawn


I never knew or ever read Shiela Jordan Grigsby. But a creative life is a very special phenomenon. I can imagine the kind of person she was by the comments from her peers.

Her writings will be her memorial.


Ronn Munro


Not only was Shelia a very talented author, she was also a sweet person. I met her online and yet I felt like I knew her well. She was always quick to offer help on a writing problem and she knew more about historical facts than anyone I know.

Candi Michaels


I am so saddened by the loss of Shelia. She was one of the sweetest people I've met online. She loved her writing and always took the time to help her fellow writers.

     Melinda Zimmerman


I just recently finished a review for Shelia's book "The Legend of Lakota Star" and I knew as soon as I started reading it that Shelia knew her historical facts. She was a marvelous writer and will be missed by all who knew her.

Holly Janey

Holly's Fun Reviews


I'm an avid fan of historical/western books and I read Shelia's The Legend of Lakota Star and it was one of the best historical books I've ever read. As I read the last page I wished that there was more. Shelia is a very talented author and will be missed by all her fans.

Rustina Elkin


Shelia was one of those wonderful people who could make you feel special even on a bad day. There's not enough of those people around, and now there's one less. Hugs and love to her family and friends.

Charlotte Dillon


I only knew Shelia online as a fellow DiskUs Author but I loved her books and she was a wonderfully talented author.We'll all miss her and her talent.

Maybalene Carter