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Comedy, murder, mayhem and mystery, set against the backdrop of a national racing circuit. When an otherwise healthy Big Ed Corbett drops over dead, it's left to his niece, Desi, and his driver, Brandon Turner, to pick up the reins of his racing empire and fulfill Big Ed's dream of a national championship.

But, there's someone determined to see Desi and Brandon fail and it's going to take all the speed they can muster to find out just who. Is it Eula Jean, the not-so-bereaved widow, who goes through men faster than the speed of light? Or is it Beau Stevens, the champ whose biggest desire is to see Brandon fail and sees Desi as the latest notch on his gear shift? Or is it that mysterious mountain of a man who seems to be following Desi wherever she goes?

The flag's dropped, the race is on...will the Grim Reaper take the checkered flag as well as the daring duo of Desi and Brandon?

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A runaway casket races past an open grease pit and plows into a fully-loaded buffet table .... Leta Nolan Childers is at it again, this time with a mysterious romantic comedy set in the world of Nascar racing. When Big Ed Corbett suddenly drops dead of a heart attack and leaves Corbett Conquers Racing to his niece, Desi, and Brandon Turner, the young man he has groomed to be his driver and heir apparent, neither is pleased. There are conditions to their shared inheritance - if they don't win the championship trophy, Corbett Conquers will be sold and the proceeds will go to Ed's widow, Eula Jean. Desi has always resented Brandon. She wanted to be the one at her uncle's side. Now that she's actually at the track, she's not about to back off and let Brandon run the show. Especially not when she knows more about what's actually going on than he does. Recommended. mm--Romantic Notions--http://romanticnotions.com

Race Fans beware. This is a killer of a book. From the very first page, this book keeps your emotions on the edge. You'll be amazed, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer and most of all you'll not be able to stop reading. From murder to mayhem, Speed of Love is sure to delight all readers. Romance Reviews by Chris ~~ Reviewed by Chris Bellar

"Zzzzooooom! 'The Speed of Love' will take you for a ride, and leave you breathlessly awaiting the checkered flag! This well-researched and swiftly-paced story tells a tale of love, hate, lies and murder among the grease-pits of the racetrack. Another wonderful work by Leta Nolan Childers, 'The Speed of Love' is a fabulous read!" - Jim Farris, author of "Pandora's Box" http://come.to/xaa

Leta Nolan Childers' newest comedic romance is a gem to be treasured. SPEED OF LOVE provides a unique look into the world of race car driving and manages to find humor in even the darkest moments of human experience. Race car driver Brandon Turner and Desiree Corbett strike sparks off each other from their first meeting and the fireworks continue until the very last line of the story. This story is a must-read for romance lovers everywhere.~Lisa Schmitt, Gemini Books

"Leta Nolan Chiders, does it again. Speed of Love will draw you in and keep you enthralled to the very end. It's my prediction this will be another best seller of this multi-talented author...and I can think of no other author who deserves it more." Glenda D. Tudor, author of Colorado Spitfire and Beyond Love, DiskUs Publishing www.diskuspublishing.com

"Suspense and sexual tension expertly mixed with the high octane world of racing cars -- SPEED OF LOVE is a fast-paced, heart pounding read."--Karin Huxman, ENTANGLED.

This book combines humour, mystery and romance in a superbly written story. Rating **** Sandy Cummins, Editor/Webmaster Writers Exchange Ezine

With "Speed into Love", Leta Nolan Childers has created a novel with a delightful blend of romance, murder, and mayhem. Lead characters Brandon and Desi are adversaries in the best sense of the word and each can hold their own in their pursuit of love and the happily ever after. Peopled with secondary characters both chilling and laughable, this story will stay with you long after the last page is turned. I highly recommend it for pure fun, drama, and the joy of being around the car racing institution. Holly Lynne Rose, author of "The Scent of Orchids"


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