Winter Games to Play!

Fox and Hound

Snow Angels

Fox and Hound

To play Fox and Hound, all you needs is a large field of snow--with no footprints. The purpose of the game is to play follow the leader...only staying as close to the leader as possible--in their footprints.

Snow Angels

This is one of the easiest (and most fun) games to play. Find a beautifully pristine patch of snow and throw yourself back into it. Windmill your arms and legs, creating the shape of an angel. Then try to crawl out of your angel as carefully as possible.

How To Build A Great Snow Fort

Here's some hints on how to make a snow fort that will last until the warmest days of late winter...

  1. Create a form to use to make your blocks uniform. A good way to make a form is to cover completely a shoebox with Con-Tact® plastic paper. This should make it waterproof and allow you to make as many uniform blocks as you desire.
  2. Pack and ice. Place your blocks about one inch apart and pack the spaces with snow. Using a water spray bottle, (especially on a nicely cold day!) spray the joints lightly with water and allow to freeze. This will create an ice shield that strengthens the fort.
  3. Alternate the blocks as you build one layer on top of the other. This also adds to the fort's strength.

How To Build a Great Snowman

  1. The best snow is that which is heavy with moisture, when the temperature is between 30 and 35 degrees.
  2. Roll and pat. Begin by making a good sized ball. Then, as you roll it in the snow to increase in size, continue patting it firmly in shape.
  3. When making a really big snowman, build a snow ramp from the bottom ball up...and roll the middle ball up on the ramp to position it in place.
  4. As the temperatures fall, spray your snowman lightly with warm water. When it freezes, the snowman will remain even on warm day.

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