Alice Riggen

Alice is a special ed teacher residing in California. She loves her job and spends a lot of her spare time helping needy handicapped children who can't  otherwise afford special ed services.  She also volunteers some of her time for special olympics. Alice loves to write stories for teens and children and she has several projects planned that feature handicapped kids.

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Alice Riggen
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	Karen is invited to a special camp for honor roll students or so she thinks.
	There she meets Tyler and she feels close to him because he also has some
special powers that no one understands..
	Karen and Tyler start to get suspicious when they learn tha all of the teens
	at the camp have special powers and because the camp is isolated on an island
	they are at the mercy of their captors. 
	What are they really here for and why can't they leave? Karen and Tyler join
forces to find out.



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