Brent Henderson

Brent loves writing and reading good fiction.  He has been writing since he was a child.  

He lives in a small town in Ohio and loves his job writing for a small town newspaper.  

Brent writes fiction, non-fiction,  magazine and newspaper articles as well as short fiction.

For fun one of his passions is golf and he plays in many tournaments.

Going Home

Brent Henderson

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It had probably been ten 
years since Conner had visited 
his home town, Charm, Ohio 
population of approximately 
20,000 - 1 since he had left, 
but now he was going home 
to help his mother who 
had recently had a stroke 
and needed help with her 
craft business Sally's Crafts.  
This was not in his life
plans but he could run his 
publishing company from 
anywhere and his mom needed
him so he was going to move 
from NYC back to his 
small hometown and probably
waste away from boredom and 
that's when he met Jill  
again his high school
sweetheart and he couldn't believe how she had changed.



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