Danielle Unser

Danielle writes short stories and confessions.  She has written over 200 confessions and over 350 short stories.  Look for more books from Danielle in the upcoming year.

Valentine Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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Karen had planned the perfect wedding for herself, from the perfect wedding gown right down to the table centerpiece.

Being a wedding planner, she knew her wedding had to be perfect, after all if she couldn't make her own wedding perfect how on Earth would her customers have faith in her to plan their weddings.

Then a snowstorm threatens to ruin her plans when there is a good possibility that none of the guests will be able to show up.

Then Karen finds the perfect solution that makes sure none of the the food and trimmings will go to waste, but will her fiance understand her decision to share her wedding day with the residents of a homeless shelter?

Valentine Wedding Bells 2

Danielle Unser

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Valentine's Day was Karen's anniversary and being a wedding planner she was determined to plan a perfect get away for herself and Matthew and finish up the details for two weddings that were coming up.  

Could she get everything finished in time to enjoy the week in Vegas with Matt?

Thanksgiving Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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Making a Thanksgiving Wedding seems easy until Karen starts to make the plans for her client.  Now nothing is going as planned and Karen is wondering why she ever thought this wedding would be easy to plan.

Leap Year Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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This is the first Leap Year

Wedding that Karen

has planned and just

as she thinks everything

is going as planned the

caterer phones her with

bad news.  Karen now

has to find a caterer

on a week's notice

or the perfectly planned

leap year wedding will

have no food.

Easter Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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Karen is planning an Easter

Wedding for an elderly

couple.  They want to

have the perfect wedding

inside a giant Easter Egg

Tent.  Karen knows

this isn't going to be the easiest wedding she has ever planned but she is up to the challenge.

Halloween Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

Karen loves Halloween and planning a wedding with a Halloween theme would be easy, right?  From the very start it looked like her plans were under a spell of doom.  Could she fix everything before the big day or would her career as a wedding planner be over?

New Year Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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A Wedding on a ski slope? Karen wondered how she could possible pull this one off. She could see all kinds of problems and things going wrong. But every bride deserved her dream wedding and Karen was determined to pull this one off.

Independence Day Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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A Wedding with a red, white and blue theme seemed easy at the time for Karen, but soon the wedding planner learned that wasn't the case. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong and now Karen was racing against the clock to fix everything for a perfect red, white and blue, Independence Day wedding.

Labor Day Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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This had to be the strangest

wedding, Karen had ever

planned, but as a wedding

planner she wasn't one

to judge a bride's idea

of a perfect wedding, but

as the wedding plans

take shape, Karen finds

that sometimes things aren't

always as they seem.

St Patrick's Day Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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Karen had to plan the

perfect Irish wedding of

a couple that wanted

everything green from the

roses, to the cake to the

official marrying them

and the band.

Finding a green

wedding gown and tux

was no problem, but

figuring out how to make

the horses green and not

harm them and convincing

the official to wear green

was proving more difficult.

Christmas Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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Karen was planning a beautiful

December Wedding for the

worst Bridezilla she had ever

seen, changing the wedding

plans at least three times

a day, then a freak

snowstorm hits and

Karen has to change

those Wedding plans

once again.

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