Linda Kirkwood

Linda lives in a studio apartment in New York City and she is living her dream.  Apart from writing she also has been is some off Broadway productions and has also auditioned for some On Broadway plays.  She says her determination will take her where she wants to go.

Firefly Fiasco

Linda Kirkwood

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Nine year old Cameron and 
his brother Daryl collected 
fireflies for a special occasion. 
They made sure that the fireflies 
weren't harmed and they 
planned to release them on 
Father's Day tomorrow when 
their Dad got home from his trip. 
They wanted their Dad to 
have the best Father's Day 
ever but due to a mishap 
the bugs got loose in 
Dad's garage instead of outside 
like they were supposed to. 
Now Cameron and Daryl will 
have tofind a way get the 
fireflies out of Dad's garage 
before he sees them or it 
will ruin Father's Day.



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