Sandra Tally

Sandra started writing at a truly young age.  She was only nine years old when she wrote her first short story and she has written many more since then.

She and her husband own an animal hospital and Sandra loves helping out when they are short staffed.

They also take in wounded animals from the wild until they are well enough to return t the wild and Sandra has written several books for kids about some of the animals she has come in contact with.

Look for more books by Sandra in the near future.

Stormy Waves of Time

Sandra Tally 

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Mary wants to have her cake and 
eat it too, but her fiancee has  
different plans for her. 
Not knowing how she could have 
ever loved such a nasty human 
being she uses her time off work 
that was supposed to be her honeymoon 
to get over the man she thought 
she'd spend the rest of her life with. 
While on vacation she meets Daniel 
and her heart will never be the 
same, however Daniel must convince 
her that he is noting like the ogre 
her fiance was



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