Sophia Fuller

Sophia works at a day care where she is surrounded by small children.  She loves reading to them and some of her stories that she has written for children came from ideas she created on the spur of the moment to keep her young charges happy.  Sophia also likes to write short stories and has had several of them published.  Look for more from Sophia in the months to come.

April Showers 

Sophia Fuller

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When the road is washed out during 
a rain storm, April Marsh gets stranded 
on a deserted road while on her 
way to see her mother. 
Thinking she'll have to turn back  
or spend the night in her car she 
is rescued by a stranger only 
to find out too late that he is 
only helping her to save himself 
when he takes her hostage. 
April needs to keep her head 
to survive and outwit her 
captor and free herself.



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