Vicki Urlick

Vicki Urlick writes short stories, children's stories and confessions.  She also writes for several magazines.  She lives in Nebraska and also enjoys traveling and sports.


Vicki Urlick

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Sandy hated Valentines Day. 
On that day one year 
ago her fiance had left 
her at the altar with 
no explanations.  He just 
walked out of the church 
and said "I can't do this." 
and she had never 
heard from him again. 

With the V-Day quickly approaching, 
Sandy decides to go on a cruise 
and get away from all of her 
pitying family and friends, 
however what she didn't realize 
was that she had booked a 
cruise that was for singles 
looking to find love.
How on Earth was she going 
to survive five days at sea 
with everything around her 
including her room reminding 
her of romance? 

Then she met Tom and 
his story was similar.  
Together they decided to 
pair up so others would 
leave them alone.  What Sandy 
didn't count on was her heart 
responding to Tom's nearness.

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