Bethany Jones

Bethany lives in the UK with her husband and young son.  She writes short romances and also stories for children.



A Labor Day Romance 

Bethany Jones  
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Going on a cruise for 
Labor Day was not 
Meredith's idea of a 
fun weekend, not now 
since she was unattached 
and alone but her sister 
got it as a gift for her 3
0th birthday and she felt 

As soon as she checked in 
she realized what her 
sister was up to since 
this cruise was for singles.

A St Patrick's Day Romance

Bethany Jones

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Matthew was the sexiest man, Carrie had ever seen and he had just moved next door to her.  How could she set up a meeting with him without looking too forward?  Then fate was on her side and they got stuck in the same elavator for over two hours and Carrie knew they were destined to get to know each other.

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