Mariana Tanner

Mariana lives in Texas with her husband Carlos and their 2 sets of twins.  Mariana likes to swim, shop, read and write.  She loves all animals and has a house full of dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters and gerbils.  Mariana writes books for kids, short stories and magazine articles.

After School Activities

Mariana Tanner

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Tommy loved all after

school activities, but

someone had vandalized

the restroom and planted

his lunchbox at the scene.

Now he has to find out

who painted the graffiti

on the restroom wall

or he will not be able

to participate in any

after school activities.

A New Year's Puppy for Jose

Mariana Tanner

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Jose wanted a puppy

more than anything

but his parents

always had an excuse.

Then just as the

new year came there

was a scratching at

the door and when

Jose's mother opened

the door a puppy

ran into the house

and right into Jose's arms.




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