Marie Harris

Marie Harris writes Young Adult books and also books for children.  She lives in North Carolina  with her two children and their two dogs. She enjoys running and  taking long walks with a portable recorder and admits that is how she writes most of her books.

Fireworks Frenzy

Marie Harris

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The seventh grade class

of Middleton was chosen

to plan the fireworks

celebration for the whole town.

As class president, Meredith

chose the name Fireworks Frenzy,

now all she had to do

was make sure this was

the best event ever even

when a few bullies were

threatening to ruin the

whole celebration.

It Happened One Summer

Marie Harris

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Nancy Appleton was excited 
for summer vacation to 
get here. She was 
going to spend the 
summer with her dad 
in Colorado. 
Little did she know 
when she got there that 
she would meet the most 
handsome guy in the 
world and he lived 
right next door to 
her dad, and across the 
street there was an old 
mansion rumored to 
be haunted. 
This summer was proving 
to be very interesting.



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