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I Was A Prisoner In My Own Home

Maybalene Carter

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Life couldn't get much worse for Brenda.....

or could it?

My Father-in-Law Helped Me Conceive My Children

Maybalene Carter

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A man desperate for an

heir will do anything

when he finds out that

his son is sterile.

I Found Out My Lover Is Really My Stepson

Clarice Irwin

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After her abusive husband

dies, Brenda meets a

wonderful man who changes

the way she thinks about

relationships. Just when

she thinks her life is

perfect, Jack drops a

bombshell and Brenda

wonders is she'll ever

have peace in her life.

Trick or Treat Temptation 

Leta Nolan Childers

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Would it be the treat of her life or the trick that would destroy it?

DiskUs Confessions

My Heart Belongs To A Murderer

Maybalene Carter

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Marie wanted to hate

Tony when she learned

that he was a murderer

but she couldn't help herself.  

How could she love

someone who had taken

someone else's life?

She couldn't understand her heart.

Broke and Begging--For Attention 

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Leta Nolan Childers

She loved her husband with all her heart,

but her head told her that he was

leading her to self-destruction

DiskUs Confessions

Mile High Lover

Melody Cartwright

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Jenny was fleeing a bad relationship 
after being jilted at the alter.
Waiting for her flight to go home 
she ran into an old friend, 
Brandon Wright and he convinced 
her to come with him on 
his personal plane to Hawaii 
and on impulse she agreed.  
Brandon had always been a good 
friend in High School and she 
trusted him and felt she needed 
this for herself.  On the way, 
things got crazy and she and 
Brandon became more than just 
friendsbut would their new 
relationship ruin their 
old friendship?


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