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DiskUs Confessions

Winter Wonderland

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It's A Matter Of Time

Shanice Roberts

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Keira was 38, unmarried and running out of time for the family she so desperately wanted. She had thought about adoption but at her age and being alone, would she even be eligible?  That's when she got the idea of asking her neighbor who was also a good friend if he would help by fathering her child and was surprised when he quickly agreed but with a stipulation.

DiskUs Confessions

Mile High Lover

Melody Cartwright

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Jenny was fleeing a bad relationship after being jilted at the alter.  Waiting for her flight to go home she ran into an old friend, Brandon Wright and he convinced her to come with him on his personal plane to Hawaii and on impulse she agreed.  Brandon had always been a good froiend in High School and she trusted him and felt she needed this for herself.  On the way, things got crazy and she and Brandon became more than just friends but would their new relationship ruin their old friendship?

The End Of The Line

Darnell Vine

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Ben was running for his life. He had been sent death threats and couldn't figure out why but he had to stay on the move.  He was now staying off the grid in a cabin in the Colorado Mountains that had belonged to an old friend but now even that wasn't a safe place as someone had tracked him and he decided to hunker down and stay and fight if need be.  He was tired of running and  he knew if he had to, it was kill or be killed.

Grilling For Fun

Darnell Hall

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A complete grilling guide, just in time for summer.

Cookie Crazy


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For all the cookie lovers.  This cookbook has all your favorites.

I Was A Prisoner In My Own House

Maybalene Carter

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Life couldn't get much worse for Brenda.....or could it?

Famous Quotes

Carl Jones

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Famous Quotes by famous and some not so famous people

Text Like A Pro

Carly Adler

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Need help with those tricky

text messages or tweets?

Carly will have you texting

like a pro in no time.

Brain Games, Teasers & Tests

Justin Bradford

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Want to keep your brain

alert and your memory sharp?

This book is sure to help.

Blasts From The Past


Slings And Arrows.

Barbara Quinn

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When her husband leaves her for her best friend, Ellen D'Este loses her ability to enjoy her work as a massage therapist and her life begins to unravel. A friend convinces her to attend a session with a female spiritualist. Ever the skeptic, Ellen resists the pull of the shady Miss Wendy, but falls for the handsome Mark Vernon, a disciple of the spiritualist. As time passes, Ellen is plagued by visions and strange occurrences that test her beliefs and feelings. Can she find love, faith and the ability to massage again or will she be the unwitting pawn of a charlatan?.

(Paranormal romance/dark humor)

Made Easy

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Bartending Made easy 
is the guide for every 
bartender or wanna 
be bartender.
 In plain words Janette 
Dixon shows you how
 to be an expert at 
bartending so all your
parties can be a smash.



Julia Ann Charpentier

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     Veronica Swanson is a vivacious soccer investor from Madison, Wisconsin, who falls for Derek Fallon, a charismatic forward from Manchester, England. She signs him to the Madison Maelstrom, a losing team. Headstrong and stubborn, Derek solves her financial trouble in unorthodox ways, against the advice of Veronica and her attorney. He plays the game with fanatical zeal and stirs the growing crowd with lunacy. Soon every game is a sellout and his female admirers dub him "Romeo," pursuing him with the adolescent adoration of a rock star's band of groupies. The out-of-control situation escalates until Veronica and Derek must survive under the same roof in a relationship both comical and emotional as they ward off the fans and suffer tumultuous feelings as they fall in love.

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