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Winter Wonderland

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A Labor Day Romance

Bethany Jones

Download Add to Cart $1.00

Going on a cruise for

Labor Day was not

Meredith's idea of a

fun weekend, not now

since she was unattached

and alone but her sister

got it as a gift for her 3

0th birthday and she felt


As soon as she checked in

she realized what her

sister was up to since

this cruise was for singles.

Fall Puzzle Mania

Dennis Vance

Download Add to Cart $4.50

Puzzles to delight everyone.  

From crosswords to

number games you'll

love trying this

collection of different

puzzles all with a

"Fall" theme

Labor Day Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

Add to Cart $1.00

This had to be the strangest

wedding, Karen had ever

planned, but as a wedding

planner she wasn't one

to judge a bride's idea

of a perfect wedding, but

as the wedding plans

take shape, Karen finds

that sometimes things aren't

always as they seem.

Brandon Goes To Kindergarten

Candi Michaels

Download Add to Cart $2.50

Brandon is going to Kindergarten and he's a little afraid but his mom and dad are finding ways to ease his fears so Brandon will have a good school year.

Mandy's New School

Danielle Patterson

Download Add to Cart $2.50

Mandy's dad was in the service and they had to move a lot so Mandy was always the new kid in school. This time however,Mandy met Karen who had to move a lot too and together they learned to help each other get used to the new school.

Back To School

Puzzle Mania

Dennis Vance

Download Add to Cart $4.50

Puzzles that give you and your children the brain exercises to keep your mind healthy.

Funny Jokes For Kids

Mandy Linton

Download Add to Cart $2.50

Fun clean jokes for kids of all ages.  Jokes about everything that the kid in all of us can enjoy.

School Bus Bullies

Jenny Johnson

Download Add to Cart $2.50

Mandy hated getting on the school bus to go to school because the bigger boys always bullied her. Then she saw Barry, one of the bullies crying in the schoolyard and Mandy went over to see if he was OK. It was then that Mandy learned why he was being a bully and she decided to try and help him be a better person and not bully others.

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