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Winter Wonderland

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Thanksgiving Magic

Candi Michaels

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When two people meet on a deserted road in the middle of a snowstorm only the magic of love will get them through this disaster.

Thanksgiving Puzzle Mania

Dennis Vance

Download Add to Cart $4.50

Great Thanksgiving puzzles from puzzle master Dennis Vance

Thanksgiving Wedding Bells

Danielle Unser

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Making a Thanksgiving Wedding seems easy until Karen starts to make the plans for her client.  Now nothing is going as planned and Karen is wondering why she ever thught this wedding would be easy to plan.

A Thanksgiving Paradise

Sharon Young

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Stacy is staying at her parent's bed and breakfast

for Thanksgiving and while there she meets

Carl Donovon a local doctor, and she

knows her life will never be the same again.

Golden Leaves of Change

Brittany Garver

Download Add to Cart $1.00

Golden Leaves of Change was Mary Nelson's idea.  Her Non-Profit Organization helped older adults be able to keep their homes during times of hardships.  But Martin Compton had different ideas.  Not only had he stolen her heart in a whirlwind romance but his corporation also needed  the land of one of her clients.  Mary knew she had a fight on her hands but could she win and also keep her heart from breaking?

A Thanksgiving For Everyone

Lucille Thompson

Download Add to Cart $1.00

Giving up her Thanksgiving with her family was a small price to pay to make sure that others would have a good Thanksgiving dinner.  Wasn't Thanksgiving for everyone after all?  Little did Caroline know how much making sacrifices could lead to self blessings and maybe even meeting your soul mate.  

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