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DiskUs Confessions

Winter Wonderland

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DiskUs Confessions

My Heart Belongs To A Murderer

Maybalene Carter

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Marie wanted to hate Tony when she learned that he was a murderer but she couldn't help herself.   How could she love someone who had taken someone else's life? She couldn't understand her heart.

Valentine Wedding Bells 2

Danielle Unser

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Valentine's Day was Karen's anniversary and being a wedding planner she was determined to plan a perfect get away for herself and Matthew and finish up the details for two weddings that were coming up.  

Could she get everything finished in time to enjoy the week in Vegas with Matt?

Valentine's Day Puzzle Mania

Dennis Vance

Download Add to Cart $4.50

Puzzles with a Valentine's Day theme.

Valentine's Day Crafts

Download Add to Cart $4.50

Crafty ideas to 
enhance your 
Valentine's celebrations.

Valentine Poetry

Cassandra Little

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Poetry with a romantic Valentine theme.

Romantic Blasts From The Past

Starlit Obsession

Julia Ann Charpentier

Print Add to Cart $12.81

Download Add to Cart $4.50

     A night of love with a popular songwriter leaves Jade Ramone longing for a man out of reach. Eleven years later the memory of his touch haunts her dreams and stirs her fantasies. Cass Donovan is her sweet obsession, a lover who stole her virginity and romanticized her youth.

     She returns with sophistication and a pen name to interview him for a music magazine. An evening of romance leads to his hotel room suite. Compelled by attraction neither can ignore, they renew their friendship in the quiet, discreet hours of the sultry Memphis night. In his arms she discovers insatiable passion.

     Cass remembers the girl he loved and releases her with reluctance when ethics forces them to keep their relationship professional. Domineering parents and a broken marriage tarnished Jade's outlook, making her insecure. Cynical of the music business, Cass abandoned his career. Under the sobering influence of maturity can they find young love once again?

Trail of Roses
Disk Add to Cart $7.50

Download Add to Cart $4.50

Who is stealing expensive 
figurines from the posh 
houses of Brighton? Why
has a simple flower 
provider for the quality 
been implicated? 
Simon Fairbanks investigates 
and finds the thief, 
but loses his heart.

A Change of Destiny

Marilynn Mansfield

Print Add to cart $14.13

Download Add to Cart $4.50

Imagine awakening in a strange world and a stranger time...then imagine the losses sustained by ankind are all caused by you.

That's the dilemma facing Holly Reed. Only one man can save her while only she can save the future.

Together they prove that love can overcome all obstacles...including time itself.

Hearts That Are Real

Download Add to Cart $1.00

Who would dream a young mother would find magic at her son's school carnival? Certainly not Ellen, who's been lonely since five-year-old Jimmy's father died. All the men her friends fix her up with are duds, and she's swearing off blind dates. Then, a tattoo changes everything.

Valentine Victory

Shelia Jordan Grigsby

Download Add to Cart $1.00

After her surgery, Dana Corey wants nothing more than to rest and relax in her Tennessee Mountain Home.

A plane crash and an old enemy ruin her serenity and threatens her life. Her fear of Mack Shriver, a jewel thief, is nothing compared to the fear she faces when the plane carrying the man she loves, John Danville, rashes into the hillside below her cabin. Rushing to try and save him before the plane explodes is almost to much for her, especially when she rushes right into the murderer Mack Shriver.

Helping John has never been so difficult but Dana forces her body into action and prays she isn't too late to help her beloved friend and companion, John.


Kimberly Roberts

Download Add to Cart $1.00

The mighty Duke of Langston had always eluded the snares of the ton, escaping the marriage mart until the day he was spellbound by Cat, Lady Catherine Brighton. Now his mission is to convince the carefree Cat that marriage to the notorious Duke of Langston will be a life of eternal bliss.

Crimson Kisses

Valerie Hardin

Download Add to Cart $1.00

As a small child, Charlotte Galen believed in her beloved grandmother's tales

that vampires lived. Charlotte’s mother discovers Grandmother Smith

telling the small Charlotte about vampires and becomes enraged. There is

no such thing as vampires. Charlotte is sent to the Bad Room, a room with

no windows, a room where a murder was committed. Years later Charlotte no

longer believes in vampires until she meets Tassmand as both contemplate

a lonely future.


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