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36C by Barbara Quinn

A Change of Destiny by Marilynn Mansfield

A Christmas Carol by Marilynn Mansfield

An Irish Lullaby by Leta Nolan Childers

A Touch of Christmas Magic by Leta Nolan Childers

A Whisper At Midnight by Jennifer Hoffman

Barriers by Kathleen Culligan Techler

Belles of Christmas by Leta Nolan Childers

Cat Callahan: Private Eye by Leta Nolan Childers

Chelle's Pot of Gold by Leta Nolan Childers

Crimson Kisses by Valerie Hardin

Cupid's Revenge by Leta Nolan Childers

Demons of Desire by Leta Nolan Childers

Desert Heat by bj lawry

Devon's Desire by Shannon Honea

Fireworks with Frequency by Leta Nolan Childers

Gaelic Girls by Leta Nolan Childers

Gideon's Pride by Celia Collier

Ghostly Advice by Emma James

Highland Fury by Celia Collier

Hot Connections by Diana Waldhuber

Irish Lullaby by Leta Nolan Childers

Lasting Impressions by Leta Nolan Childers

Love Spells by Emma James

Love Triangle by Tonya Ramagos

Mystery Loves Company by Leta Nolan Childers

Not Quite Over The Hill By Brenda Lancaster

On the Road to Love by Leta Nolan Childers

Oscar Wilde's Love Song by Julia Ann Charpentier

Paper Roses by Celia Collier

Ransomed and Rescued by Les Steward

Romeo by Julia Ann Charpentier

Slings and Arrows by Barbara Quinn

Speed of Love by Leta Nolan Childers

Starlit Obsession by Julia Ann Charpentier

Suddenly In Bath by Emma James

Summer Solstice by Julia Ann Charpentier

Switch by Michelle Marr

Symmetrical Lives by Maggie Johnson

The Best Laid Plans by Leta Nolan Childers

The Best Laid Plans: Backfire! by Leta Nolan Childers

The Best of Presents by Mary Weinachten

The Indigo Dream Catcher by Julia Ann Charpentier

The Power of Love by Janette Dixon

The Rabbit Rises by Leta Nolan Childers

Through Serena's Eyes by Marjorie Daniels

Tomorrow Julia by Celia Collier

Trail of Roses by Emma James

Yesterday's Tomorrow by Leta Nolan Childers


A Basketball Romance by Andrea Zebell

A Bit of Deception By Kathleen Culligan Techler

Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride by Sherry Hill

An August Affair by Tammy Mincer

An Autumn Affair by Tammy Mincer

An Easter Affair by Tammy Mincer

A Labor Day Romance by Bethany Jones

A New Year's Affair by Tammy Mincer

A St Patrick's Day Affair by Tammy Mincer

A Secret Affair by Cheryl Watson

A Thanksgiving Paradise by Sharon Young

Baby Blues by Betsy Everett

Becky's Bags, Boxes and Bows by Corine Jamison

Christmas Love by Lori Ann Foster

Easter Wedding Bells Danielle Unser

End Of Summer Romance by Helen Abbott

Entity Lover by Carla Reece

Halloween Magic by Candi Michaels

Halloween Wishes By Jemma Carlson

Independence Day Love Affair by Tammy Mincer

In The Name Of Love By Erin Hopper

It Happened One Summer by Marie Harris

Just In Time For Love by Deanna Qualls

Leap Year Wedding Bells by Danielle Unser

Love Letters by Ladonna Wright

March Madness Meyhem By Meridith Bertram

My Silly Valentine By Monica Grady

My Special Valentine By Veronica Sherman

No Christmas This Year by Mindy Oliver

Remember Me  by  Cheryl Young

Speedway Romance by Leann Brady

Stormy Waves of Time by Sandra Tally

St Patrick's Day Wedding Bells by Danielle Unser

St Patrick's Day Wishes by Jemma Carlson

Thanksgiving Wedding Bells by Danielle Unser

The Art of Dating by Michelle White

The Baffling Holiday Mystery By Kathleen Culligan Techler

The Perfect Man by Mia Lawson

Valentine Love Affair By Laura Dawson

Valentine Wedding Bells by Danielle Unser

Valentine Wedding Bells 2 By Danielle Unser

V-Day By Vicki Urlick

Wanted One Santa: by Candi Michaels

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